Kirsten Petersen, DC, Chiropractic Physician | 828.620.4932

Dr. Kirsten loves to be a chiropractor. Her engaged energy, balanced by a calming nature, brings a presence to her treatment that translates into great results for her patients. She welcomes the diversity that exists in our community, and assists her patients in achieving their own definition of optimal performance, whether that means climbing a mountain, or simply feeling more vibrant and settled in their body. After a detailed assessment of your system and your needs, she will design a custom care plan that is based on your individual goals and priorities.  Recognizing the complexity of factors involved in healing for most people, she takes an accepting and caring approach, while still encouraging positive change. A range of gentle yet effective adjusting techniques are used, including diversified, instrument-assisted, SOT, NET, and drop table.

Along with learning from her patients each and every day, Dr. Kirsten is always investigating new modalities, and is certified in Graston technique, trained in Craniosacral therapy, integrates myofascial release, and is a trained ADAPT Functional Medicine Practitioner. Along with her Doctor of Chiropractic degree from the University of Western States, she has a B.S. in Nutritional Sciences from Cornell University. She has been practicing for 11 years.