Doreen Morici, MSW, LCSW, RYT, Holistic Psychotherapist, Traditional Herbalist, Yoga & Energy/Reiki Practitioner

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Life is filled with many obstacles and transitions. We often feel we must do this alone and carry the burden of shame accompanied by this overwhelming pressure. Therapy is a place of support and solace, free of judgment.

Doreen has over 15 years of supporting children and families of diverse backgrounds and abilities in a variety of settings as a therapist, teacher, wilderness therapy field mentor, and paraprofessional. Doreen’s passion is guiding individuals and families on their journey toward self-awareness and emotional health, while supporting the process of improving relationships with self and others. Specializing in guiding parents and teens through the complex landscape of adolescence (specifically sexual relationships & social media), helping young adults find their identity and life purpose, and supporting individual healing from traumatic experiences and chronic stress.

Doreen’s  joy is connecting people to their bodies, moving from their heads and into their hearts. She enjoys helping individuals find and reconnect to their inner superhero while maintaining balance and holding boundaries--allowing permission to take off the superhero cape and refusing to be the perpetual "giving tree".

Services offered:

  • Individual and Family Therapy- Ages 10 and older. Sessions are person-centered, informed by the individual and family, with the option to integrate EMDR therapy, yoga, mindfulness, art, expressive, and experiential interventions with talk therapy and/or energy healing

  • Wellness & Parent Coaching

  • Reiki and Energy Healing with plant and stone medicine

  • Workshops and Retreats

In addition to supporting others, Doreen enjoys yoga, hiking, creating art/crafting, photography, gardening, cooking, reading, snuggling with her animals, making herbal formulas, and playing with stones.

Kathryn Shanks, LPCA, Hakomi Body-Centered Counseling, Expressive Arts, and Ecotherapy | 828-333-4448

Kathryn specializes in working with those who are feeling overwhelmed or tangled in life. She works often with therapists, healers, and other helping professionals, as well as other “caring souls,” those who are highly impacted by the people and/or the sensory input of the world around them.

Her work as a clinician focuses on creating a safe space in which, together, she and her clients can begin to unravel the tightly wound threads of clients’ lives, so that they can breathe a little more easily, feel more creative and alive, be more comfortable in their own skin, and have a greater sense of well-being.

Her work is rooted in three major modalities: Hakomi body-centered therapy, Expressive Arts, and Ecotherapy. She finds that these three modalities weave together well, to help clients’ lives feel more manageable by helping them tune into themselves, feel more at home in their own bodies, and be more present in their world and their relationships.

In her free time, Kathryn loves being in nature and exploring the woods, rivers, and mountains of the Southern Appalachians that are her home. She enjoys spending time with her inner child, making art, dancing, writing, and playing Celtic fiddle, and is an avid animal-lover.

Rachael Morgan, MA, LPC, ATR-BC, LMBT, Psychotherapy and Art Therapy | 828-712-2061

Originally from Asheville, Rachael went to graduate school in Philadelphia and then happily returned home. She is a master’s level licensed professional counselor (LPC) and a nationally board-certified art psychotherapist (ATR-BC).  She also works as a licensed massage therapist (LMBT). While keeping counseling and massage therapy practice separate, she appreciates how the mind, body, and spirit are linked. She specializes in helping adult and teen clients move through trauma, transitions of loss and grief, anxiety, stress, and depression. To fit the needs of each individual, she uses a variety of therapeutic approaches, including somatic, transpersonal, psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, and art therapy. 

Rachael has a soft and gentle approach, empowering clients to take the lead in their own healing process, and to notice their resiliency. 

In her free time, she enjoys being in the mountains, dancing, painting, traveling to new places, and spending time with her golden retriever named Cloud. Cloud comes to therapy sessions at POiNT sometimes, too. 


Sarah Frick, LCSW | 828 424 5160

Sarah’s passion is to find the hope within the pain, fear, shame or self-doubt.  The human experience, even at its most positive and growthful, is a challenging one full of roller coaster ups and downs.

Sarah works with clients to return them to the core of who they are and to help them hear their own voice once again. Her goal is to empower clients to understand and to hold the pain and discomfort in a way that feels bearable and eventually, enlightening. 

Sarah has over 12 years of experience in trauma-informed care and works with both adolescents and adults.  In her free time, Sarah chases joy in her own life through warm cups of coffee in the morning, listening to French music from the 60’s, reading in the sunshine and swimming in lakes when weather permits.

Tammy Hendrix, LCSW, PsychoSpirituality

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Tammy offers Psycho-Spiritual Therapy and Sacred Sound-Trance Healing. Tammy is the founder of the Ecstatic Enneagram - an exploration of the essential energies of the enneagram and sacred functions of soul. She is a lover of Nonduality and loves helping people integrate Spiritual Awakenings.

Tammy offers traditional psychotherapy deeply informed by spiritual wisdom. PsychoSpirituality openly includes the traditional western focus of developing an empowered individuated self with complex needs, while deeply recognizing there is an undifferentiated loving Consciousness that is our essential self.

Tammy is a bright and compassionate therapist with 15 years experience helping people resolve any pattern that obstruct true happiness. She assists in discovering and embodying a natural capacity to heal and flow in alignment with deeper wisdom. Her techniques are deeply transformative and designed to ignite abundance in your life long after the session end. Her approach is grounded in these modalities:

Contemporary Nonduality | Contemporary Psychodynamic Psychotherapy | Sacred Sound-Trance Healing | Tantric Traditions of Hinduism and Buddhism | Attachment Theory | Enneagram | Jungian Shadow-Archetype Work | Compassionate or Nonviolent Communication | Dynamic Emotional Integration | Somatic Awareness and Experiencing

Tracy Davis-Black, LCSW, Certified EMDR Therapist

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Tracy (pronouns she/ her/ hers) is passionate about helping folks to live authentic, empowered, and connected lives. She is a trauma specialist, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and Certified EMDR Therapist with 17 + years professional experience in the mental health field. She offers radically inclusive therapy services that are culturally humble, gender-affirming, LGBTQIA+ celebrating, trauma-informed, and rooted in social justice.

Tracy uses a collaborative people-centered approach and powerful therapeutic tools like EMDR to help people find liberation from worry, stress, and overwhelm so that they can live life with ease. Tracy offers individual therapy, couples/ relationship counseling, EMDR therapy, and online therapy. Her specialties include; the needs of LGBTQIA+ community, stress, anxiety, trauma, PTSD, C-PTSD, panic, co-dependency, relationship issues, and gender.

Tracy hails from Atlanta, Georgia and fell in love with the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains as a young person. After twenty years of living in various places (Atlanta, Massachusetts, and Oakland) while developing her career she is thrilled to have returned to Asheville to lay down roots.