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Dr. Petersen offers a deeper, integrated look into your body from a functional medicine perspective, helping you get to the bottom of chronic issues or take your wellness to the next level.  Lab testing is often a part of her assessment, possibly including blood work, gastrointestinal labs, tests for adrenal function, or other hormone testing. Guided by these results, she offers crafted plans for long-term health that focus on getting to the root your concerns. While her work is not a substitute for medical care, it provides a big picture view that is an excellent complement to it. Your goals become her goals, and you get an educated guide as an ally in your path to health.

She has extensive training beyond her chiropractic education in the areas of functional medicine and nutrition, starting with a bachelors degree in nutritional science from Cornell University, and most recently being trained as an ADAPT Practitioner through the Kresser Institute.