Lindsey Warf

Lindsey is constantly amazed by the resiliency of the human body. She has a deep excitement and curiosity of alternative healing modalities which led her to study massage therapy at the Asheville School of Massage and Yoga in 2014-2015.

Lindsey has spent her life full of movement including everything from dancing and yoga to hiking, homesteading to crafting. Her enjoyment of the ease in navigating daily tasks and living a full life brings her great gratitude and a willingness to help others enjoy the same fluidity of activity through healing massage.

As a therapist, she likes to use her intuition and gentle nature to create a connective, client-centered healing experience using the relaxing qualities of Swedish massage with deep tissue work, trigger point therapy, assisted stretching, hot stones, cupping and reflexology.

She is a lover of the beautiful mountains that we live and breathe everyday. Living on a homestead in Barnardsville, NC, she’s thankful for the good fortune and well being in life and the ability to share that gift with you.

Vanessa Caruso, Geode Bodywork

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Vanessa has always loved to move. Her favorite activities include dancing, cycling, hiking, and gardening. With her active lifestyle, she always felt fairly strong, but eventually developed imbalances in posture, which led to injuries and pain. Though movement education, and a self care routing that includes regular therapeutic massage, she has begun to correct imbalances and find relief from chronic pain.

After becoming a yoga teacher in 2010, she enrolled in a clinical massage program to learn more about healing the body and understanding how we move. She began her career in massage therapy because she wanted to help others experience their bodies as malleable and full of potential. 

Vanessa is excited to help you feel your best, so that you can continue to pursue the activities that bring you joy. In addition to trigger point therapy, myofascial release and facilitated stretching, her sessions include self-care techniques, including yoga poses and self-massage, to help you participate in your healing process. When she’s not stretching or studying anatomy or plants, she’s probably out hiking with her favorite trail buddy, Lou dog; experimenting in the kitchen; enjoying music, or playing in the garden.