Amber Claire, LE

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 Amber Claire holds a true passion for holistic skincare, and all aspects of health and wellness. With eighteen years of extensive study in "corrective" and holistic skincare methods, Amber has developed her craft to treat a wide range of skin conditions such as inflammation, hypersensitivity, acne, rosacea, and healthy-aging concerns. At the heart of her work, Amber encourages her clients to reconnect with themselves, establish healthy patterns in their lives, and to nourish the practice of true self-care. 

Amber's Philosophy - "The health of your skin is a direct reflection of your overall wellbeing. The key to holistic skincare is to encourage and strengthen your skin's natural self-healing processes by giving it the support it needs when it gets thrown out of balance by environmental changes, illness, hormone fluctuations, stress, or toxic skincare applications. With the support of holistic methods our bodies can truly identify with, we have an amazing ability to heal. I find it personally rewarding to support you in developing a healthy relationship with your skin, and deeply inspiring to witness the transformation that unfolds as we all learn to embrace and nurture the practice of self-care in our lives."